A Character Study

I really like doing interior architecture visualization, but I know that I need to keep my skillset evolving. I am a member of blendercookie.com and thought that their Cartoon Turtle tutorial would be an interesting place to sharpen my skills in character modeling. I followed the basic cartoon turtle tutorial, which resulted in the first image below. I had an idea for “The Turtlenator” in the back of my head, so I tried to model my original turtle with that in mind.



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Ikea Inspiration

It always helps when you are energized by the projects you are working on. I love working on interiors. They offer many options and angles to work with. I was walking through Ikea the other day and happened across an entertainment center. I really liked the clean lines and the glass used, so I decided to build a TV area around it.

The entertainment center is inspired by the Ikea design, while the the couch is my own design. The futuristic club chair and ottoman are my design as well. They are probably my favorite design that I’ve done. I’m not sure the chair would be supremely comfortable, but I like the curves.


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360 Kitchen Remodel

Inspired by a basic blueprint sketch in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I put together this 30 second animation to showcase the before and after views of a small kitchen remodel.

I got into visualization working for the US Army Corps of Engineers and quickly discovered that a significant portion of my work is waiting for images and animations to render. This render took roughly 1 minute per frame, which is quite fast. Of course, at 800 frames that equates to about 13 hours. In comparison, a Visual Effects (VFX) heavy movie, like Prometheus, took upwards of 8 hours per frame to render. I ended up having to render this 2 times, as I watched the final video and saw things I wanted to change. Even with the use of storyboards and notes, this is not always a one shot process.

360 Kitchen Remodel Animation from Rainport Visuals on Vimeo.

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Welcome to Rainport Visuals


It is with enthusiasm and some trepidation that I have begun Rainport Visuals. Rainport Visuals exists to bring your ideas and thoughts to life. If you’ve ever drawn a sketch on a napkin and wanted to further the design, wanted to remodel your home, wished to turn a concept into a 3d model or needed to showcase a project better than words on a page can, it is my goal to help you realize that.

Please take a moment to look through my digital portfolio and take a look at some of what I have to offer. I can offer still images, animations and even interactive experiences.

If you have a Visualisation need, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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