360 Kitchen Remodel

Inspired by a basic blueprint sketch in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I put together this 30 second animation to showcase the before and after views of a small kitchen remodel.

I got into visualization working for the US Army Corps of Engineers and quickly discovered that a significant portion of my work is waiting for images and animations to render. This render took roughly 1 minute per frame, which is quite fast. Of course, at 800 frames that equates to about 13 hours. In comparison, a Visual Effects (VFX) heavy movie, like Prometheus, took upwards of 8 hours per frame to render. I ended up having to render this 2 times, as I watched the final video and saw things I wanted to change. Even with the use of storyboards and notes, this is not always a one shot process.

360 Kitchen Remodel Animation from Rainport Visuals on Vimeo.

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